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Welcome to Joe Myers' HiWays of the World!  Where life's a journey, not a guided tour!

“Travel is fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry, and Narrow Mindedness,

And many of our people need it sorely ----

Broad, Wholesome, Charitable views ----

Can not be acquired by vegetating in one’s little corner of Earth”

                                                           --Mark Twain 1869


This web site is being presented in an effort to encourage everyone to go on what has been said to be “The Last Great Adventure” – Travel.

Traveling presents a living history lesson to anyone who walks the Highways of the World, allowing them to see what they have only read or heard about all their life. Travel has no age limit, as proven by the host of this web site, Joe Myers, who will turn 78 in 2016.


The Greeks have a saying:

“Don’t tell me how smart you are,

Tell me how much you have traveled

And I will know how wise you are.”


People find many excuses as to why they can’t travel, but in truth, they fear the unknown, just as Joe did for many years. If he hadn’t had someone encouraging him, a wonderful friend named Susan Trotter, Joe would not have ever taken that first step on the Highways of the World.

Once you take the first step, you will find that the world grows smaller and smaller as you set out to see what the world holds.  To learn about other countries, cultures, and people is an awesome and rewarding thing. The memories will live with you forever.

Although the photographs on this site are not award winning pictures, they represent a pictorial view of what Joe has seen and experienced in over 23 years of traveling. It is impossible to share all of the photographs Joe has taken during his travels, covering 37 foreign countries, so he is starting with just a few and will be adding more later.

Please enjoy your visit to the “HiWays of the World,” as seen through camera of your host; your comments would be appreciated.

You are also invited to visit his other website,, to enjoy another side of his photography, and visit his tribute to Susan located on this website.

 Life is short, follow your heart!  -- Anonyomus


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Where Life's a Journey, Not a Guided Tour!


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